Monday, February 7, 2011

Langkawi Day #2

It's going to be the first tour for the kids.

First stop is the Underwater World. In my opinion, this is much better than the Singapore one. Much bigger and worth the money. The Kids enjoyed it very much!

Don't forget to grab a pack of Nasi Lemah! I always like to eat these kind of Nasi...

We were surprise to see the cable car station is packed with lots of visitors. It's a must sit cable car. We waited for almost 1 hour to get a ticket and there we go.

The sky bridge is killing our feet but the view is really spectacular!

Next stop is a water fall call Temurun. The kids love to soak their little feet in the cold stream of water.

It's not a very big fall. But you can take the following photos with nice effects!

Hang on Jay. Hold on tight to the rocks!

Is it cold Jay Jay? He love it!

This is called Parang Parang.

The raw one looks like this. It's a kind of fish. We thought is worms. We buy only 1 but then after tasting it we bought a pack! Very nice!

We went to two beaches. One is very nice to swim and this Tanjung Rhu is very nice to to pick sea shells.

Not to worry if you do not bring a plastic bag. Use your Crocs. You do have a Crocs, don't you?

Don't forget to grab a coconut! Kay just love the coconut!

So as Jay Jay!

Lastly end the adventurous day with some nice local seafood joint by the riverside.

And no wonder Kay was so tired...

Had a nice sleep and we took a ferry back to Kuala Perlis the next day!

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