Friday, February 4, 2011

Disappointed 满福苑盆菜 (Pen-Cai) - 2011 CNY

Went to picked up our Pen-Cai (盆菜) from 满福苑 at Intercontinental Hotel there.  Something was not right?  Could it be the size?  Looks a bit smaller this year.  So, my wife ask the manager there, what happen to the 盆菜, and the manager there admits that the bowl (盆) was smaller this year, but there are 24 ingredients!!  And are all fully packed within the prosperity bowl.  We still thing that something was not right...


We ordered 2x bowl last year.  One for the reunion dinner, and the other one for my 40th birthday party which is around CNY too.  And it tasted so good that we went and order from  满福苑 without any doubt....


So, when we reached home, we immediately take a look at the old bowl we had last year.  And there you see... it is a very different and serious downsizing of the prosperity bowl.  满福苑, you have cheated all your loyal fans!!!


And best of all, I can't find any dried oyster in there.  Hmmmm... where is my dried oysters... hahahaha

Anyway, we got a good reunion dinner, the standard of the taste is still there, it would be nice to have a bigger bowl too.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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