Monday, February 14, 2011

CNY Celebration & Taking photo with our MP Yu-Foo Yee Shoon

The date is Feb 13, 2011.


It is the time of year where our estate, Park West Condo, arrange a Lion Dance to celebrate CNY.


However, this year is special.  As there is a guest of honor joining the CNY celebration @ Park West.  She is MP Yu-Foo Yee Shoon.


No wonder it was so crowded this morning.  I have never see such a huge show up @ such event.


And this year, the lion dance and the dragon dance is exceptionally good.  The performance is also great!  The timing is controled within MP's departure timing.  The Lion & Dragon Dance show is just good timing.


Hmmm... may be MP does not want to promote too much of gambling, so, the oranges this year is also simple and to my surprise, without four numbers.... hmmm... its a 财 character which mean money.  But if you look carefully, you see two 8's, a 7 and the last number sort of looks like 5.  So, it shall be 8875 for this year.

The minister actually gave a quick speech, promoting her divisions, etc.  But there are two things that she mentioned that raise my eye brow...

1.  She likes our estate as it is one of the oldest condo estate that still have a lot a lot of big spaces, etc.

==> Yipee!  Does that mean that the ENBLOC will not go thru?  FYI.  We did not sign for enbloc.  Park West is very near Clementi center.  In fact, it is one of the condo that is nearest to it.  There is a new shopping mall - Clementi Mall opening soon.  And our estate is quite big and feel very good.

2.  Around our estate, there are quite a number of famous school, i.e. Nan Hua Primary School, since the estate is so near to the school, she mentioned that our kids will have very good chance to get into Nan Hua.

==>  OK.  If my Jay Jay and Kay Kay failed to get in, I am sure to go and see her.  :)  But my wife reminded me that she also looking for volunteers to help the department or so... Hmmm.... Does it mean that I also need to volunteer myself?  Since I got rejected from Nan Hua for Volunteer job, 2 times.  May be I will volunteer for the community center in this area?  Hmmm... I need to do serious consideration on this!

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MP then walk towards us, and then, and wanted to take photos with this family (us).  So, we had a very nice photos with the MP.

Just in case you wonder who is the couple on my right, they are the owner of my Block 4 unit in the same estate.  I sold the unit to them a year ago.