Friday, February 4, 2011

Orchids from Lim Chu Kang

Larry's good friend has given him 40+ pots of Orchids.  He asked us to go and pick some.  So, me & my wife went to look see look see.


It was at Lim Chu Kang.  And the farm was huge.  But Larry said the Orchid farm @ Kota Tinggi is 10 times bigger, and the flower are much better than here.  Some day we will go there.


So, my "happy" wife start choosing... by the time you notice, my car was full packed with Orchids pots.. So, I asked my wife, where are you going to put all these plants?  she said, she got everything figure out last night.  OK, she is serious about this...


As you can see from her face, the smile keep hanging there...


And my car really can put up to 18x pots of Orchid!


And we did not even drive her car which has a big boot.  Otherwise, it will not stop at 18 pots.


Next we need to figure out how to get this into the life at our apartment...


I guess no problem there...  just squeeze every pots into the lift.  hahaha


And there you go, the new 18x pots of Orchids in my balcony.  And I have a very happy wife this year!  hahahaha



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