Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jay Got Talent in Drawing?

The last I checked, he still needs lots of work in his drawing skill.

But this morning...


Dad:  Hey Jay, why don't you draw Shu Wei, since you like her so much.

Jay:  Okay!


Jay:  Papa, Shu Wei has very big eyes.

Jay:  Papa, Shu Wei hair is longer than her ears.

Dad:  What is Shu Wei wearing.

Jay:  Papa, Shu Wei wearing a blue skirt.

Jay:  Papa, Shu Wei has a big smile!


Out of the blue, he just draw Shu Wei from his memory.  And for a 4 year old, I think this is not bad at all!  Haha!


Just in case, you wonder who is Shu Wei, the gal in the white dress.  :)

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