Monday, January 3, 2011

Make Jay eats Veggie

This is a story about Jay Jay ... he wants to be the 2nd tallest guy in the class as his good friend Conrad is the tallest at the moment...


Jay is 110cm.  We measured last week...

Today he refuse to eat veggie, somehow...

So we tell him if he don't eat veggie, he cannot grow taller.

Jay: no I am tall. I am 110.

Dad: let's measure.

Dad: oh! It's 109cm.

Jay: no Papa, i am 110.

Dad: OK, mummy, can you measure?

Mom: it's 109cm.

Jay: why?

Dad: may be because you didn't eat veggie today...

Jay sits on his chair and eat the remaining veggie.

Dad: let's measure again... Oh! It's 110cm now. Why?

Jay: because I eat veggie.

[end of story] 善意的谎言


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