Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jay & His Music Lessons - Updates

Its been three weeks since Jay took his first Violin & music lesson.  Although it is only a 30 minutes session each week, I think Jay has learn a little bit about music...


Still, I have no clue where Jay develops the strong interest on violin.  But if he likes it, I will let him take the lesson.  I even bought a violin from TaoBao.Com for him... and it's only S$40 for the size 18 violin.  Bear in mind, he will grow and when he grows, you need to change the violin size for him.

We made him perform in front of Auntie Amanda during her birthday celebration.  IMG_3749.JPG

Although we could not make up what is he playing, but it was a good feeling... He is just 4+ years old... Let him have all the fun...  The teacher said when Jay plays the violin, his body shakes a lot... So, I did dare to tell him that it was my fault... because I let Jay play besides Venesa Mae on youtube... hahahaha

Screen shot 2011-01-23 at AM 10.34.57.png

And, it is also a good feeling to learn together with Jay.  Me and my wife never when for proper music training, but from here we learn the CDE-FGAB, the bass and treble, the timing, etc etc...


Always expose your kids to what they want to do, what their interest is...  And who knows you may get lucky and have a musician son... 加油!  Jay Jay!





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