Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Bought a Toy for Jay Jay after Our Cruise Ship trip

So, we took our first cruise ship trip ... and guess what did I buy for Jay Jay after that trip?


A toy Cruise Ship of course.  Its a toy we picked up at Bukit Timah plaza.  It does not cost much, and it looks really fragile.  But it does the trick.  It helps Jay Jay to have a very deep impression about cruise ship.

Especially, when you let him play with it in the bath tub.


Yeah... Yipee... What a happy Jay.  :)  This is my cruise ship.


Remember, every time after a significant trip.  Always buy something relates back to the trip.  So that it can make your kid happy and remember what he saw in the trip.  For example, buy a toy train after the Japan trip, buy toy animals after the Zoo trip, and so on.  Have fun!


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