Monday, October 10, 2011

Angry Bird Birthday Cake

Date:  Oct 10, 2011

Few weeks ago, I tried to design and order an Angry Bird Cake from Cheryl Shuen.  The quote came back is >$400.  I don't think I want to afford such an expensive cake.  So, I decided to buy from Ms. Estee Chan.

This is my son's birthday cake for his school celebration.


The birds are angry.  So as the slingshot!


And the pigs looks very scared.  It's Jay Jay's birthday!


The aim of the game is to use the slingshots with any bird, to hit the green pig standing at the target area there.  Every single bird can be fired/shoot.  But let's don't waste the delicious birds.  :)


Let's switch the focusing... Yeap... me, the red bird is flying...


As usual, the birthday boy with a big smile on his face.


I specially requested the cakes to have more angry birds...


So that all 18 class mates in his class will have one angry bird each.


It's nice to have one whole row of cakes in the plates and each have an angry bird in it.


Kay Kay has two birds.


And the birthday boy has a king size red bird, yellow bird and a pig in there.


Jay Jay has lots of fun today.  Happy 5th Birthday Jay Jay.


Oh ya... I only allow Jay Jay to shoot 1 time with the red bird.  And he launched the red bird into the cake.  But because it is a school celebration, and we do not want the hard work of cleaning up the mess, otherwise, every kids suppose to get a chance to shoot at the pigs.  HaHaHa... But Jay has a lot of fun already.

A lot of people asked me where I ordered my Angry Bird Birthday Cake.  I got the cake from her.


Ms. Estee Chan has a blog too.




The cake range from S$180 - S$250 or more depending on your design.

Contact her via here


Thanks Estee.  A very well done cake.  FYI.  I also bought an angry bird cake for my wife back in April done by her.  :)



  1. wow, i really like this cake. its really hard for me to find a store and order some. please let me know about that angry birds cake. thanks

  2. There are contact in the blog for you to order.