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Taobao Shopping (1) - Oct 2011

Date:  Oct 7, 2011


a.  You can click the image and it will bring you to the actual Taobao page.  All prices from the China taobao site is in RMB.

b.  All prices that I pay below are what I pay for the goods to be deliver to my Taobao Agent, i.e. .  It does not include the shipping cost from China to Singapore yet.  Usually it is another 5%-20% of the cost depending on how heavy my goods is.

c.  My related post on Taobao & Cinagoods are here.

d.  Below is what I bought for myself, my friends and so on.  It is for your references.  So far all the goods in this posting are quite okay.  Like it!  :)


1.  This is the angry bird hat.  You put it onto your head.

Price=RMB14.80x5=RMB74; Local Delivery=RMB25; Total=RMB99; Equal SGD$4.04 /pc


And you will look like Jay Jay.  He also has his new Angry Bird Tee on.


2.  One nice Angry Bird Tee for the kids.  Colorful wordings, green background with all the five birds.  I have not seen any one selling this design in Singapore yet!

Price=RMB29.90x2=RMB59.80; Local Delivery=RMB15; Total=RMB74.80; Equal SGD$7.62 /pc


It looks great on Kay Kay.  So, I bought one each for Jay Jay and Kay Kay.


3.  This is the car exterial stickers.  And you can stick it at the petrol opening there.

Price=RMB4.90x3=RMB14.70; Local Delivery=RMB18; Total=RMB32.70; Equal SGD$2.22 /pc


4.  The Angry Birds soft toys.  This one, I bought a few from Popular Book Store at about SGD$10 each, but now I get it for SGD$1.22 each from Taobao.  The local delivery is free when you buy more.

Price=RMB6x10=RMB60; Local Delivery=Free; Total=RMB60; Equal SGD$1.22 /pc


5.  Another Angry Bird Tee.  Green in color.  This one, I bought it for Kay Kay.  This one is a bit expensive but the design is also never seen before in Singapore.

Price=RMB34.30; Local Delivery=RMB20; Total=RMB54.30; Equal SGD$11.07


6.  I like this design as the Angry Birds is the Super Heroes such as Spider Man, Batman, Green Lantern, Wolverines, etc.  It is very cute.

Price=RMB41.40x2=RMB82.80; Local Delivery=RMB18; Total=RMB100.80; Equal SGD$10.28


I bought 2 for myself and Jay Jay.  All white.


7.  I bought this pair of shirts for Jay Jay and Mommy.  Again, I seldom see a boomerang green bird tee.  Nice

Price=RMB35x2=RMB70; Local Delivery=RMB20; Total=RMB90; Equal SGD$9.17

Screen Shot 2011-10-08 at 6.02.12 PM.png

8.  The Angry Bird Tee I like.  6 Birds line up together.

Price=RMB45; Local Delivery=RMB10; Total=RMB55; Equal SGD$11.21


The design is great.  Simple and clear.


Here is how it looks on me.  XXL White.


9.  The cute Angry Bird pencil case.

Price=RMB9.50x5=RMB47.50; Local Delivery=20; Total=RMB67.50; Equal SGD$2.75 /pc


It is a pencil case.


10.  This Mickey Mouse Tee is for Kay Kay.  The adult size does not fit me.  So, I only buy for Kay Kay.

Price=RMB39; Local Delivery=RMB10; Total=RMB49; Equal SGD$10


11.  Mickey Mouse Bag.  This is for Kay Kay.

Price=RMB53; Local Delivery=RMB10; Total=RMB63; Equal SGD$12.84


The back view.


12.  Another cool Mickey Mouse bag for Kay Kay.

Price=RMB45; Local Delivery=RMB12; Total=RMB57; Equal SGD$11.62


The back view.


They even has the Disney (Hong Kong) label.


13.  A Mickey Mouse color magic pens.  (36 colors)  For Kay Kay.

Price=RMB28; Local Delivery=RMB10; Total=RMB38; Equal SGD$7.75


36 colors magic pen.


The back view of the box.


14.  The Mickey Mouse cap.

Price=RMB28.40; Local Delivery=RMB12; Total=RMB40.40; Equal SGD$8.24


15.  I tried to buy a pans.  But I don't like the material.  And the cutting is also small.

Price=RMB45; Local Delivery=RMB12; Total=RMB57; Equal SGD$11.62


The color so so also.  Not like the photo shown.


16.  This is just a playing cards for the kids, and it is a addition and subtraction card.  The local delivery is free.  You should always try to hunt for these deals.

Price=RMB10; Local Delivery=FREE; Total=RMB10; Equal SGD$2.05


17.  This is a board game of racing turtles.  The local shipping is quite a lot and is even more expensive then the good itself.  Bad buy.

Price=RMB18; Local Shipping=RMB25; Total=RMB43; Equal SGD$8.77


18.  a-life Water bottle.

Price=RMB41.30; Local Delivery=RMB10; Total=RMB51.30; Equal SGD$10.46


It is an Ecological Portable Cup, I don't know what does that mean.


Here is the advantages in Chinese.


19.  The handphone cover.  I bought a black and red one.

Price=RMB10x2=RMB20; Local Delivery=RMB12; Total=RMB32; Equal SGD$3.26 /pc


20.  The nail cutting tools from korea.  Stainless steel set.

Price=RMB15; Local Delivery=RMB10; Total=RMB25; Equal SGD$5.10


The holding purse for the nail cutting tools is also nice.  Plastic though.


21.  Nail Clipper with Magnifier.  HaHa... Sometimes when you buy things from Taobao, it is so cheap that you don't question what it does or whether you will use it or not?  Just buy and have a laugh and pass it to your wife.  I am sure she will have reasonable usage for it.

Price=RMB9.80x2=RMB19.60; Local Delivery=RMB15; Total=RMB34.60; Equal SGD$3.53 /pc


22.  Nail Clipper.  Korean made.

Price=RMB15x2=RMB30; Local Delivery=RMB30; Total=RMB45; Equal SGD$4.59 /pc


23.  Belkin Mini Charger.

Price=RMB54; Local Delivery=RMB10; Total=RMB64; Equal SGD$13.05


24.  Joystick-it for IPad2.

Price=RMB30.40x2=RMB60.80; Local Delivery=RMB18; Total=RMB78.80; Equal SGD$6.06


The actual thing in silver color.


Stick it on to your iPad.  And the operating is very responsive.  Very nice to have it to play with games that needs joystick.


I can control the plane using the Joystick-it.


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