Monday, October 10, 2011

Fun Weekend - Week 40 -2011

Date:  Oct 10, 2011

These are some of my photo stories for last week.  It's fun, and it's memorable.

1.  As of yesterday, this is an updated photos from the maker of Jay Jay's 2011 Birthday Cake.  The entire fleet of Angry Birds are ready to be in action today.  Today, Jay Jay will celebrate his birthday at school.  The cake is produced by Ms. Estee Chan (T: 8121 2282).  She has done my wife's cake this year.  So, I asked her to make another one for Jay Jay, since her cake really can shoot the slingshot.  And the cost is $180.  Why not Cheryl Shuen this time?  Well, I am not so super rich to pay $500 for a cake.  HaHaHaHa

Jay Angry Bird Cake.jpg

[UPDATED]  Latest photo for the Angry Bird Cake from Estee.  (Yeap!  She kept me posted on the progress of the cake!)



2.  This is a present I gave to Jay Jay this year.  Jay Jay loves Japan, and he loves Tokyo Tower.  This is because Lightning McQueen has raced there before.  And Jay Jay has visited Japan 3 times so far.


This is the cutes Tokyo Tower figuring that I can find.  And needs a lot of hard work.  This is our first nanoblock too.  It is Lego, but mini-Lego.  With my fat hand, it is impossible to pick up and attach the small pieces.


So, make sure you have one of these tool to help you to build the nanoblocks.  Somehow, I felt in love with the nanoblocks.  And I just confirm, Taobao does not have nanblocks from China, all are imported.



3.  We have such a great time at Blu Kouzina.  It is a Greek restaurant located on 893Bukit Timah.


Almost everything is blue or shades of blue in this restaurant.  The ambience is very nice.


The highlight of the day is this Grill Squid.  So big.  And nice.


Of course the other important highlight is this "Kanenas" Mavroudi-Syrah.  This is the first Greek wine that I have ever tasted.  It is from the Old World, so, it must be nice.  Also, the climate is much warmer and closer to the Mediterranean, so it should be fruity too.  The verdict... Lots of tannins, less acidic, black prunes hint, fruity, and well balanced.  The owner also love to drink this wine too.



4.  If you remember the Padi (Rice) plant that I have in my balcony.  Well, it is time for harvesting.  It is Jay Jay job to harvest it.


So, Jay Jay, now you know how hard it is to harvest the rice.  So, don't waste the rice.



5.  It's Jay Jay's Birthday on Oct 8.  So, we brought him to a restaurant that he likes since young.


Everyone has a very good afternoon nap.  So, everyone is happy at the restaurant.


Happy Birthday to Jay Jay!


And this is another cake - Brownie with Ice Cream, its on the house.  Happy Birthday to Jay Jay again!


This is the first time I tasted the Chablis Premium Cru.  Very nice, fruity and pleasant!  Goes well with my grill fish, oysters, mussels and salmons.


What a happy face!  Happy Birthday Jay Jay!



6.  On Friday night, when I finished with my dinner outside, I came home, and I was shocked to see my wife and domestic helper are busy baking the Angry Bird cookies for Jay Jay's goodie bag.



7.  I tasted this at a friend's birthday party.  And it goes very well with the bitter chocolate birthday cake.  Very nice.  When I was at the Cold Storage Wine Fair, I did not pick up any of the Barolo, as I don't like the taste at that time.



8.  On Saturday, we went to sit in Circle Line MRT from Vivocity to Botanical Garden.  It is the first day where all Circle Line stations are open.  First 10 minutes, it was exciting for the kids.  But then they get bored.  As there is nothing to see.



9.  From the Circle Line Botanical Garden Station, it is a long walk to Botanical Garden enterance.  Wow.  But we get to see lots of new things that we had never seen before.


Such as this mirror image of the lake photo.


Kay Kay loves to picked up the flowers.


Not to mentioned the black swan at the lake.  Jay & Kay loves to watch them.


10.  Later that afternoon, I spent 2 hours queuing up to register for the New Paper Big Walk.  The route is from Vivocity go via the Boardwalk, enter the Universal Studio, and then Walk up to Siloso Beach.  A journey of 4-5KM.  Which is fine for the kids, I am guessing.  They only accept maximum 18,000 people for the walk.


Here are the details.



11.  At the same time, the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Musuem also reopening.  Next Saturday, got lots of activity line up for the kids.



12.  My friend mentioned to me that if I am looking for good food, and nice ingredients.  Don't forget to check out the Loewen Gardens Farmer's market.  I did some research and WOW.  It is very nice.  So, I will go on Oct 15 to check it out.



13.  We are not sad when he died.  We are happy for him.  He was here for a purpose.  He may not be human being, but I am sure he has somehow serve his purpose.  I am sure he is happy when he go.  Yes, nobody want to die.  But if it is his time, it is his time, and he cannot change it with his wealth.  And I am sure he knows that very well.  So, farewell Mr. Jobs.  Thanks for bringing us joy for the last few decades.  We love your iPod, iPhone and iPad!


Steve Jobs died.


And I love this quote.  Listen up all my friends!  "I once asked him if he was glad that he had kids, and he said, 'It's 10,000 times better than anything I've ever done'." A guy that is pretty much controlling his own destiny, his life.



14.  It's Children day.  Daddy take a day off and bring the kids to the bird park!


Got to love the kids when they hold hands together.


We always love the Lory Loft.  We can feed the birds.



15.  My goods from Taobao arrived.


I made some personalized stickers for Jay and Kay.


Jay loves it a lot!  Angry Bird.


Kay's one is Mickey Mouse.


Comes in English and Chinese too.


And of course I bought some Taobao Magazines to take a look too.



16.  Jay Jay is 5 years old.  So, he has a FIVE on his Crocs.  In addition, he has a the LED blinking lights there too.


My wife gave me a TouchPad.  I opened it, use it for 10min, and I returned to my wife that "It cannot make it!"  not even as an Digital Photo Frame.... hahahaha



17.  My Jakarta trip is about meeting and eating.  And This is the Nasi Padang.  Jakarta version of Nasi Padang.


I had it on the first night.  And the last afternoon.


I don't know how "Gila" is this Nasi Goreng, as I don't dare to try.



18.  Lion Air.  I took Lion Air to Jakarta.  The flight is smooth.  The cabin is very "NEW".  The new leather smell is strong.  It is a new plane.  Advantage: Cheap, can bring 20KG by default.  If you miss a flight, then, you can go on to the next available flight.  When you arrived, there are much lesser International travellers, as mostly are Indonesians.  So, the queue on the International customs is much lesser.



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