Monday, October 3, 2011

Fun Weekend - Week 39 - 2011

Date:  Oct 2, 2011

Don't know what to do during weekend?  Don't know what to eat during weekend?  Don't know where to go during weekend?  This is what we have done!

1.  PaPa, I am very scared!  don't make me take picture with this ... this... don't know what...


2.  This brand of cheese is quite nice.  Buy 1.


3.  The Carrefour International Wine fair is on until Oct 12.  Remember, don't go for those old vintage and cheap wine.  There must be a reason why it is so cheap.  For example, this is selling for $59 only for a vintage 1981.  Usually it is a matured wine, and the vintage year may not be good, but it is good for immediate consumption.


4.  Just notice that my 富贵花 & 发财花 has flower on it.  Wow, it's been years that I have not buy 4D or ToTo.  Let's buy some.  [Updated] Unfortunately, none of the number came out.  :(


5.  I wore my Apple shirt and prepare to go to HP's Carnival and Family Day.  But, the sky suddenly turn dark and it rain heavily.  Is this a sign or what?


6.  On Friday, my wife say "Come home for dinner... but the fried rice is tasteless as the wok has spoiled!".  On Saturday, I look at the wok, and cook three dishes, still OK leh... May be is the chef .... Ha Ha Ha Ha


7.  Jay Jay practice his violin in front of Grandma.  Because of that, he practice well in his violin class a day later.  And I end up have to buy few toys to encourage the good work.  Teacher Leong actually said "good job!".


8.  Before we go for the wine fair, we ate Korean food down stairs.  The ginseng chicken soup is nice.  The one downstairs of Tower 4, Suntec.


9.  Bring a kid to do marketing is a fun thing, and relaxing.


10.  Preparing the ingredients for the fried rice and mussles... The Aussie Big Onion is quite nice and crunchy!


11.  The Sancerre white 2010 is not as good as the 2009 one.  Last year, I bought half a dozen bottles and it was pleasant.


12.  Wait, I got some 桂花糕.  May go nice with the Sancerre White.  Nope!  Not good at all.  The sweetness in this year Sancerre is a bit low.


13.  This Champaign cooler comes in very handy to cool the white wine.  :)  May be I will get another one this week.  As this one belongs to Mr. Lim.


14.  Just outside the Goat Milk Farm, there are a row of this fruit tree.  It is some sort of cherries.


15.  I know it is illegal, and the fruits belong to SLA, but let's do it.  Ask your wife to go down and pick.


16.  Wow... looks ugly.  Boon Ching took 3 of it.  [updated] And she still ALIVE!!!!!!! No Stomachache!


17.  No doggie.  Don't eat my fish food.


18.  These koi fish is very big.  Found in the house beside the Goat Milk Farm.


19.  Daddy, please ask the doggie to go away.  He wants my fish food.


20.  It is a nice place to feed fish.  The kids love it!


21.  And yes, the Koi fish is that big!


22.  Ah.. Uncle is cutting our basil leaves.


23.  The basils are very fresh, and put in your car, your car smell nice.


24.  Every time I come, I will always drink a bottel of this.  洛神果.


25.  Just like back in Old Grandma House ... swing...


26. I still refuse to eat it!


27.  I told you, you won't like it!  It's sour!


28.  Although is healthy.  But is it not too much?  Salmon Sashimi, Ceasar Salad, fried Prawns...


29.  Jay is licking his middle finger.  HaHa... From this angle, it looks like he is commenting about the food... ahhahahaaha


30.  Hi Mr. Donald Duck!


Always enjoy & have fun playing with my kids.


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