Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mr. Halloween 2011

Date:  Oct 13, 2011

Halloween is coming soon.  Don't forget to buy a pumpkin for your kids.


Of course, you havbe  have to learn how to cut a pumpkin.

Step 1.  Use a marker pen to draw the zig-zag hair.

Step 2.  Cut the head, by poking the knife (use a midium size knife) on the top of the pumpkin, and towards the center of the pumpkin following the zig-zag marker pen line.

Step 3.  Slowly take out the head, empty the seeds and pumpkin meat.  Don't forget to cut away those on the cap.

Step 4. Use a marker pen to draw 2 circle as the eyes, a triangle as the nose, and then the mouth.  Design the teeth and a happy smile.

Step 5.  Use the knife to slowly cut the holes out.

So, when you finish, you should have the seeds.


And the mouth parts are here...


Your kids will love it once you craft finished it.  Turn off the lights, and light a candle inside.  Say hello to Mr. Pumpkin.


You see Mr. Kay, is not even scared of the evil Mr. Pumpkin.


He wanted to see what is inside Mr. Pumpkin's head.  It's his brain, dear...


Mr. Kay now staring at Mr. Pumpkin.


Kay Kay still holding on to Mr. Pumpkin... While Jay Jay is making all sort of noise at the background there.


Mr. Pumpkin is so cute, I got to take a picture too.


J & K are having fun with the little Pumpkin Man.


Another half a month to Pumpkin Day (Halloween Day).  Have fun with Mr. Pumpkin!



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