Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wine Fiesta - Wine for Asia 2011

Date: Oct 29, 2011

The Wine for Asia 2011 is a 3 days event.  The first 2 days are for traders.  And the last day, namely "Wine Fiesta" is for general public and wine lovers.  I went with my family, and have to beg them to allow my 2 boys to go in.  Terrence is still in US, so, he sent his wife Amanda to go.


The first stop is to stop by the Wine Buffett.  According to the label, all these are "award winning
" labels in the Wine Asia.   There are hundreds of bottles for you to taste.


Even white wines, rose are available.  All the wines are from the rest of the world... Mostly new world.


Jay Jay is exicited, as he has not seen so much wine before.


Hey, that's Roderick.  He is Renee's friend in KL.  I think he is the cheif Sommelier for Hilton.  I once drank with him at Vintry Jaya33, KL.  And I learned a lot from his guy.  :)


One of the very few bottles that I like from the Wine Buffett.


I like this Pinot Noir too.


This big Fella Chardonay is nice too.


I told the ladies not to waste too much time at the Wine Buffett.  Yes, there are a lot of wines, but not so nice.  So, I brought them to The Great Bordeaux 2008 Tasting Booth.


They appreciate the Bordeaux wines a lot after tasting a few bottles.  And immediately, they found the differene between the old world and the new world wines.  It is the aroma that left in the glass that amazed them.


Oh Ya... I drank this one, not too bad.


After these fantastic wine, we went to the Garlic Restaurant and eat our big meal.  :)  NO WINE though.  ahhaha


The ticket is $30 per pax.  And you get to choose a door gift, either a award winning wine or a book.  So, after looking at 3 random bottles of wine, I decided to get 2x Books.  Coz the book cost about S$70 and the wine, I don't know... may be $30-$40?  The book is by Chng Poh Tiong, it is a wine pairing book with Chinese Food.


It is this thick!


And the content is quite OK.  It's in English and Chinese.  And Lots of photos.


It's a good gift to give people too.  :)



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