Monday, December 19, 2011

iPhone/iPad App: Taobao App

Date:  Dec 19, 2011

Some people asked me what App I used to shop on Taobao (淘宝).

1) I used this the most.  This listed the shops on TaoBao that has highest reputations, and rating.  That normally means that goods that sold from these sites are generally good quality and higher price. You can just browse through all the diamonds shops and look at their offering.

It is available on both iPad and iPhone.  Of course, I used the iPad app most of the time.  once I found the item I like, I simply forward the Website/URL to my email address.  So that I can see it much clearer on the web browser on my iMac later when I need to make the purchase.

Screen Shot 2011 12 19 at 10 06 03 AM

2)  Of course, the second one I used quite often is the one that produced by Taobao.  It is OK.  But I still like the first one better.

Screen Shot 2011 12 19 at 10 08 53 AM

3)  The third one is also not too bad.  But I think it is designed for girls.  :)

Screen Shot 2011 12 19 at 10 09 32 AM


Happy shopping.  Time to buy more T-shirts for me and my kids.  :)


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