Sunday, December 25, 2011

Please Feedback Wireless@SG Failed Site to IDA

Date:  Dec 25, 2011


Provide feedback on Wireless@SG

The director in charge of infrastructure development wishes to get feedback on locations where Wirelss@SG is not working well. Please send the feedback to them at the following:


Why we need to feedback?

1.  We all know Wireless@SG sucks!

2.  We all know IDA funded this Wireless@SG.  They used our hard earned tax payer money to fund M1, iCell & SingTel for putting up these Wireless AP around the island, but usually it is SLOW, and most of the time it does not work!

3.  Back in the past, you need to login to get online.  Now, they provide Wireless@SGX so that you do not need to every time login.  But still, most of the time it does not work!

4.  How can you tell?  If you have an iPhone, and you set Wireless to auto-connect.  So, when you are at home, no problem.  When you are at office, no problem.  When you are at some nice restaurant that provide free Wifi, no problem.  But most of the time, when you are at public area, it will auto select to Wireless@SGX without you knowing.  And then, all your WhatsApp messages not coming in. Why? Because iphone has switch from 3G to Wireless@SGX Wifi connection where it allow you to connect, but no data flow or very slow data flow thru.  That is not nice!  That is super frustrated.

5.  When you call up SingTel, M1 or iCell, they will say, it is free service, it is congested, too many people logon, etc.  So, the QoS (Quality of Service) is almost zero.  None at all.  But then, if you are a paying customer of a certain Telco, surprisingly, the WiFi works some times.  So, Free service get zero QoS?  That is not right!  Our tax payer money has paid for that!

6.  So, please make sure all your friends know about the email address to sent feedback.  Oh yes, when the WiFi (Wireless@SG) is not working, and how you suppose to sent it to Luckily, there are some clever people in the department also provide the SMS 79777 hotline for people to complaint the site.

7.  Please tell every one to have this SMS 79777 template in their SMS for easy to sent in complaint.

IDA Cannot connect to Wireless@SG at Vivo City


IDA Can connect to Wireless@SG but cannot use or no response


IDA Wait very long time to login to Wireless@SG


Anything you wish to complaint.

Please help the nation.  And show the government the power of the people.  We should execute our right as a tax payer, to have the right to use a good QoS WiFi Infrastructure in Singapore.


P/S:  Not sure why website returns a blank page.

Screen Shot 2011-12-25 at 2.09.10 PM.png



Hope the SMS works hor... Sibei JiaLat!


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