Sunday, December 18, 2011

A White Color Car :(

Date:  Dec 17, 2011

OK.  You see lots of white car, i.e. especially "Pearl White" car on the road.  It is very slick indeed.  It is also good looking too.


BUT..... I think, the air quality in Singapore getting bad.  Too many constructions and lots of sands in the air.  That is why, when it rains, you can see trails of "dirty" water stains on a white car.  Is it all the while being like that?  Or it is only obvious on a White color car?


Bo-bian.  Face the consequences.  Wash the car regularily.  :(


Oh yeah.  Just in case you were wondering, I do have a very hard working domestic worker.  But no, I will not ask her to wash my car or my wife's car.  Her job is simply to 1) Look after the kids, 2) Clean the house.  So, I never ask any of my domestic worker to wash our car.  :)

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