Sunday, December 18, 2011

A X'Mas Children Gathering…

Date:  Dec 17, 2011

WOW!  Big Spender.  Baby First month party, spend S$10,000.  That is a lot.  How much will these people spent to hold X'mas party?


A more cost effective way is to have a small party at home, invite those with similar age kids.  Then, your kids can start to meet up with other new kids.


Some of the kid can learn new toy.  i.e. Beyblades.


The kid can spent hours in playing the toys.  And where is the parents?  They were busying chit chat, drinking nice wine, eat Char Siew, and Siew Bak and Cheese and tomatoes at the dinning table.


Some toys can really keep the kids playing for hours.


They will take turns to push their car here and there.


Even bigger kids will enjoy it.


Bigger kids can come up with their creativity to build a train track, like this one.  That goes around the table.


Two layers with a bit of complex tracks.


Big Kids who are only 1 year apart found their playing partners.  Look at the Big Jay, and the Small Jay.  Having fun together.


Of course, they will exchange notes, and learn a few bad things from each other too.


OK.  After an hour spend on the tracks, it is time to clean up.


Why?  It is time for Wii.


So, no need to go to any huge venues, just few friends, few kids gathered around, and have fun, and it can kill the whole afternoon.  Even I also enjoy playing with these kids.  Especially when they have grown up, they know how to talk back, defends and give excuses.  It is fun!  hahaha



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