Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Learning French Steak :)

Date:  Dec 7, 2011

I love to eat at this restaurant.


The reason why I love to eat in this restaurant "Le Bristrot Du Sommerlier" is because of the Cote Du Beouf.


And I want to learn how to cook this 1KG beef!


So, I decided to learn it from him.  Patrick Heuberger who is also the owner of the restaurant.  He used to be executive chef at Au Petit Salut and now he owns his restaurant with a Sommelier Max.  Oh ya!  I want to learn from the great master, so that I cook what I like to eat too.


When Vig told me about it 2 days ago, my guessing is I am a bit too late to enroll.  Patrick is conducting a cooking class at Shermay's Cooking Class this coming Sunday!


And Guess What!  Some one chicken out, and I got a seat.  Yeah!

Screen Shot 2011 12 07 at 1 29 46 PM

This is the first time I enroll in any cooking class in my life.  (Except for the one I held the Cooking Class event for my resellers and customers while I was in Pacific Internet almost 8-9 years ago).  But, I guess, I can handle it.  I just need to learn from the master once, and I believe I can create fantastic dish out of it.  Anyway, it is not expensive too.  As you get to cook and eat 4 types of steak, and 4 types of potatoes.

Good Luck to me!

Actually when you get older, you tends to have a bit more time to do such thing.  i.e. taking wine course, cooking class, etc.  :)  It will enrich your life and bring joy to your family.


Stay tune to my updates on Sunday!  :)


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