Friday, December 30, 2011

When Is the Last Time You buy a Book (Hardcopy)?

Date:  Dec 30, 2011

Today is the last day the Salvation Army Donation drive at my condo.  So, better clean up some old stuffs.

These are books that I have bought.  Not sure when, but books that some how I bought, and I don't even recall I have bought them.  I am guessing that mostly are from Airport bookstore.  :)  Buy something to read on business trip.


If you take a good look at them, these books actually looks OLD.  They become sticky.  And there is a lot a lot of dust collected on them.  I am not sure how many times I had ever take them out and read, but I am very it is almost none.

That is the old life.

Today, you have iPad, iPhone and MBA.  You can easily buy a soft copy version from the online bookstore.  Or if you want to, you can always find a copy of .epub or .PDF of the book or magazine you want from Google.

No longer you need to keep these books to collect dust.

This is how many books that I throw away (used to be 4 shelfs full).  Now, I only keep the comics, cook books, Feng Shui, and some nice collector items.  That's it.  The bottom one all will go to the office.  :)  No longer technical enought to read these technical books.  hahaha...


To thnk about it... it is really long time ago since I really buy a physical book. hahha






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