Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Senai Desaru Expressway

Date:  Dec 14, 2011

We suppose to play golf at Palm Resorts.

Then, we saw the new Senai-Desaru Expressway.

So, we exited the North South Highway and drive into this Senai Desaru Expressway.  As I suggested to change the venue to play at Desaru Golf Club.

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It is a pleasant drive, as from Senai to Desaru is only 75Km.  We used to take 2 hours to get to Desaru.  So, when you exit the expressway, it is only 9Km away.  Very fast to reach Desaru.

This bridge is at the last stretch.


It is a nice bridge.  But at the last stretch, may be they did not anticipate lots of cars, so, it is a single lane expressway for each direction.


As soon as we reached Desaru, we can't find the Desaru Golf Club anymore.  No wonder when I called to the Desaru Golf hotline, it gives a "not in service" message, I thought it is because they have changed to new numbers.

Later we found out that Desaru Golf has been closed for good since 2009.  It is rumored that they are revamping the golf course.  But not much news I can find.

Oh well, we have to settle to play at Sebana Cove's Golf.

And look at that.  Elephant Crossing sign.  This is the first time in my life I had encounter such signs.  This is within the Sebana Cove compound.  Very interesting indeed.


Later, we found out that we are one of the only 2 flights on that golf course.  The Golf course is pretty run down.  It is nothing as what I have played few years ago.

Later, the receiptionis says that the Ferry from Singapore to Sebana Cove has stopped running for 2 years.  Wow.

No wonder the grass are so long, not so well maintained.  But me and my buddy do have fun at the golf course, as we take our own sweet time to play the game.  Learning chipping, putting.  HaHa


Then, after the game, we went to near by Sungai Ringgit.  We ate some nice cheap seafood there.


Here is my comments:

1.  I think the 2 Casino business in Singapore has badly affected Sebana Cove.  I remember, when I took ferry to Sebana Cove, there is always 100s of people on the Ferry.  And these people later will "switch" to another ferry at the Sebana Cove Jetty there to another "Gambling" ship.  :)  I think now because of the Casino, lesser punters will gamble here.  So, they stopped the ferry.

2.  I think JB put too much attention to the Iskandar.  They forgot all about the beauty of Desaru beaches.  I look at all the hotels, except Lotus resorts, all are very run down.

3.  But with the new expressway, travellers from Singapore now can go to Desaru, even Mersing, or Kuantan at the much faster timing.  I would consider to go to Kuantan via this route.  From Desaru to Mersing, I think it is another 1 hour plus or so.  i.e. 151Km.  I think Malaysia government better think of how to improve the tourism here, as it is golden opportunity.  Last time, we need to drive at least 5 hours from Singapore to Mersing.




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