Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baby Kay - Full Day @ Playgroup [Updates]

Date: Mar 1, 2011


Kay is 18 months old.  So, we sent him to Lorna Whiston Playgroup (豆豆班) on Mar 1.


With his koko - Jay in the same school, I think Kay will be OK there.

A lot of people may think it is a very cruel to sent such a young baby to school / playgroup at such a young age.  But in order to make him to become more independence, we decided to make it so.

As usual, he will always drop his tears and cry in the morning when we sent him to school.  We will need a lot of tricks to calm him down.  Even after 2 weeks, Kay still cries in the morning.  Sometimes when I carry him, he will cry too, thinking that I am sending him to school.  But the situations seems to be under control when Miss. Joycelyn and 陈老师 play along when they receive him at school.  I guess, Kay will need sometimes to get used to these situation.


Likes all the kids, when he sees the toys, Kay will stop crying.  So, I guess it is a good thing.


For some reason, Kay hates sands.  He has no problem playing the sands, but he just unwilling to step his foot on the sands.  May be it is hot?


He loves water play.  Playing with teh kids should be a lot of fun!


The best of all, Kay gets to drink milk with all his classmates.

School:  Lorna Whiston Preschool @ Alexandra

Class:  Playgroup

Description:  Sent in your kid 8am in the morning.  They eat breakfast together.  Always got a English teacher and a Chinese teacher.  So that 2 languages are being taught at the same time.  They then eat lunch together.  Then, they have their afternoon nap.  Then, they will combine the class with N1 (Nursery 1).  So that all kids will play together.  Each week got 5 different activity, sand play, cycle, water play, playground play, etc etc.  Then you pick your kid up at 6pm.

So, we never regret to sent them there.  And they always surprise us with things they learn from the school.

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