Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Internet Pioneers - Reunion

Date: Mar 9, 2011

Back in the old days, after the "TechNet" era, this is the team of systems engineers in Pacific Internet.  It was those days where we build fantastic modem pools to cater to 100K+ users, where we offer a single email domain to users, where we handle 1/3 of the national caching servers farm (buying parts from Sim Lim Square) that shocks the US/European caching scientist, where we build solid web services and run one of the finest IRC services in Singapore.  Photo took back in 1996.


After 15 later, we have a reunion dinner that day.  And surprisingly we are looks the same after all these years.  Somehow the organizer (JC) unable to contact Soo Khim, so, Soo Khim is not with us that night.  Kok Hoou who is the real pioneer since TechNet days are with us (the one beside me).


We have a great meal at this West Coast Cozy Restaurant who has great Curry Fish head.  After eating the first pot, we ordered the 2nd pot, as it tasted so good.


And almost at the end of the dinner, our boss Hock Koon (Left 1) finally showed up.


We chit chat of old, new and future.  Have to continue our chat at the Starbucks and chit chat until they close shop.  Until the security guard come and telling us when the main carpark door will be closing.  It was a great night, and lots of memory has be reminded that day.

Where are they now:

Wong Kok Hoou now is in M1 making a difference there.

Stacy Chua - She went back to NUS and still stuck in NUS.

Tan Jin Siong - still in PacNet (of course, the ANC-Pacific Internet merger PacNet).  In fact it is his 15 years in PacNet that day.

Lawrence Goh - doing volunteering job counseling the married, the divorce, the young, etc.

Chan JC - back to PacNet and still stuck there with Jin Siong.

Ivan Leong - back to PacNet and still stuck there with Jin Siong.

Hock Koon & myself are together trying to make a difference in Indonesia/Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand network.

There will be more meetings to come.  Our dear CEO Nicholas Lee will be in town for 2 weeks Mar 17.  So, I think there will be at least a few gatherings too.





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