Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cameron Highlands (2): Pasar Malam

Date:  Mar 12, 2011

On the first day, we visited one of the strawberry farm.  Unfortunately, we cannot pick any strawberry as we were told it is not the season.


See!  There say hand pick, but seasonal.


The flowers are very nice thou...


Later we went to the Pasar Malam.  It is a Saturday.  And it is a holiday too.  So many people.


I did not know that we can eat the corn without cooking.  This is the first time I have tasted such a nice juicy and crunchy corn.  Kay loves it a lot.


The fried crabs and prawns... seems tasty!


This is something new.  I had never seen this before.  It is a Apple Guava.  It is a Guava with Apple taste.  Very nice.


They planted these in Cameron Highlands.  It looks like those you can find from Hokkaido.  But the meat is harder than the one you can eat from Hokkaido.  But the smell and taste is very good.  Jay Jay loves it.


Kay is very tired and knock out early.


Tak boleh Tahan anymore.  The smell is so good.  That night, we bought a lot of mutabak, nasi lemak, BBQ chicken, friend prawn & crabs, lots of fruits... back to the rented apartment.  And we feast at home.


The cherry tomatos are so good and I finish a whole pack while driving back to the rented apartment.


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