Sunday, March 20, 2011

OpenNet Installation

Date: March 11, 2011

OpenNet guy come to install the OpenNet Fiber at my place.


As I do not allow them to come thru my front door, they can only poke a small hole at the back door behind the kitchen.  And they run the ugly cabling at the back door.


The installers are very kia-su, and write all these sentenses saying that owner instruct them to install at the kitchen area.  Their supervisor at first rejected it.  Claimed that they don't allow it to install at the kitchen.  After a few minutes argument, that area by the back door is called "store room" instead of kitchen.  And they are fine with that!


See the attachment diagram... its call a "store room" beside the kitchen.  and I have to put my signature there to verify that I asked them to do so.


From the riser, they run the cable to the back door.  Very ugly.  Poke a hole there, and the fiber went into my apartment.


This equipment is called a "Splicer".  Basically, you cut the fiber for both side, and use alcohol to clean it, carefully placed into the splicer, the splicer will automatically join the fiber for you.  Its MAGIC!


See the splicer in action.  On the monitor, you can see the two fiber joining together by the splicer.


After that, they just wrap the cable around and that's it.  I will have to wait 1 month time for them to verify all installation within the estate are completed.  And then we can call up any RSP to install the Internet via the fiber.


Let's wait and see if now my MIO TV can be run via the fiber.



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