Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Hair Cut Without Tears For Kay Kay

Date: Mar 20, 2011

All the boys in the Liew's family goes cut hair together once a month.


This time, It is the first time I carry Kay Kay while mommy went to toilet and shopping momentarily.  So, what I did is to let Jay to cut his hair first, and I show and explain to Kay Kay how the pretty hair dresser cut Jay Jay's hair.


So, I keep talking to Kay saying that

- look at Koko Jay Jay, sit very properly

- look at Koko Jay Jay, never move

- Look at Koko Jay Jay, never cry

- Look at the Jie-Jie use the scisors

- Look at the Jie-Jie use the electronics scisors

- Look at Koko Jay Jay, enjoying washing hair

So, you got what I meant.. keep talking to Kay until he felt that cutting hair is not a threat!


And wala.... Kay Kay really sit tight and let the other pretty hairdresser cut his hair... And he is very steady this time...


He will move here and there.  So, the hairdresser will have to be creative too.


So, mommy also have to help out.  And the hairdresser Jie Jie also must have stress out to finish this task.


Look at Kay Kay now, nice and short and clean.  His new hair style.


1.  Always let the kid see the siblings cutting hair before his turn.  If no siblings, mommy or daddy should do the trick.

2.  Always talk to your kid so that to explain that cut hair is a fun thing.

3.  If the kid does not like the cover cloth, don't wear one.  Otherwise, he will feel uncomfortable.

4.  Always go to the same hair salon.  See familiar face.

5.  It may fail the first few times, but must keep on trying.

So, well done!  Kay Kay.  The first time (after 4 attempts) Kay Kay cut his hair without tears.

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