Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kite Museum @ Pasir Gudang

Date: Mar 26, 2011

After visited my dad's grave, we stopped by the Museum Layang Layang (Kite) on the way home.


This place is somehow quite windy.  And the scenery is very nice too.IMG_5226.JPG

That is the museum.  The windmill actually power up some lights in there.  You got to take off your shoes to go in.  It is RM2 for adult and RM1 for kids > 5 years old.  It is a good place to explain to kids how kite was made.


Kay Kay was very excited to visit this museum.  So as Jay Jay.  Look at the big smile on both of their face.


The kites looks very beautiful.


These are the different shapes and faces of kites around the world.


Look closer to the kite, all these are layering technique by gluing the colored paper piece by piece.


You can draw the pattern and then you cut the colored paper piece by piece and glu it onto the kite.


You need a lot of patient to make one kite.  It takes about 3-6 weeks to complete one.


Wow, lots of colorful kites hanging there.


Jay Jay specially love this one as there is a Japan flag on it.  hahaha





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