Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Garden Hotel @ Mid-Valley

Date: Mar 23, 2011

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Most of the time, I try to stay in Hilton @ KL Sentral.  But a bit pai-seh always have to trouble my friend to book his corporate rate.  Yes, the corporate rate is really cheap, but most of the time, Hilton is full.

It is last month that I checked into this Garden Hotel @ Mid Valley.  Here are some of the surprises:

1.  The WHOLE hotel is NON-SMOKING.  I like!  No wonder always can book a room online.  Because smoker will not be able to smoke there, so they will rather not stay there.

2.  The key card is made of recycle material.  So, the hotel is very green.  But this trip, they added in those hard key card (non recycle material).  The staff there claims that this hard key card is even more expensive and they run out of the recycle key cards.

3.  The room is very clean, and feels like staying in Le Meridien or Hilton.  The hotel is a very new hotel.


4.  You have to book thru their hotel booking reservation system (online).  It will be cheaper.  Since I have already clock in almost 10 days stays.  I am asking for hotel corporate rate.  See how much cheaper I can get.  From the website, you can book RM348 or RM328 (peak or non-peak) per day.

5.  Its at Mid-Valley.  Shopping, eating and cinema, etc.  If you don't book the breakfast, you can eat at the Breadtalk there by the Boulevard Hotel.  The breakfast deal, Nasi Lemak is really good.

6.  It is close to KL Sentral, close to Telekom Malaysia, close to Subang Airport, etc.  Very convenient.  If you don't mind taking the community train, 1 stop to KL Sentral.

7.  Places to eat.  Lots of it.  My recommendation Canton-i for the Char Siew and then Yam-Tin-Tong for the Gui-Ling-Gao.  There are lots of places to eat at Mid Valley.

So, this will be my default hotel stay in KL.  They also have the Garden Residency where they have 1 room or 2 room suites available.

Have a good trip to KL.

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