Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cameron Highlands: Crown Imperial Court

Date:  Mar 12, 2011

We decided to drive up to Cameron Highlands to take a look at the progress of our apartment that we bought.

Driving Tips:

1.  Drive the North South Highway.  DO NOT exit Tapah.  Exit Simpang Pulai instead.  There will be a lot of road signs there directing you from there.  It is about 60KM furthur, but the road is much bigger and smoother and SAFER!!!

2.  Don't forget to stop for Petro at the Petronas there.  There sell this Curry Puff for RM1.  Very big and tasty!

3.  I started driving from 4:30am, and reach there about 11:00am.  Drink Red Bull if necessary!


Finally, we arrived at Brinchang.


The apartment is sitting at the highest location, even higher than the Equitorial Hotel.  From far, it seems that it is almost ready.


From near, you can see the finishing looks a lot like the HDB in Singapore.  Well, for RM 230,000, you cannot expect too much, isn't it?


The weather is cool, the view overlooking at the Golf Course.... No complaint.


Next, we will need to see when to take the keys, and do renovation.  At the moment, there are still a few things there we need to sort it out with the developer.  Definitely we cannot get the keys at this moment.  Also, the time is running short for developers too.  There are still a lot of things need fixing.

The plan is to rent this apartment out to the hotel management, and we get to stay there for 10 days each year.  And there are some returns which is quite OK.  Let's see how it is ...


The food there is getting better... This restaurant has quite nice menu...


At night, we stay at this place... It is also managed by some local hotel folks...IMG_5026.jpg





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  1. Hi Mini, I'm also interested in the Condo that u post out do you mind if u can provide me the developer contact number? My name is Kelly you can contact me at 017-2211514 or e-mail me at Thank You