Saturday, March 26, 2011

Will I buy an iPad2?

Date: Mar 21, 2011

Will I buy an iPad2?


For the first time, you will surprise to learn that I may not buy this Apple product.

Why?  I don't see any reason for me to throw away my 2 iPads and get new one.

Reason #1:  Yes, its thinner and lighter.  But it is only 16% lighter.

Reason #2:  Yes, it has camera on it.  But I don't do a lot of facetime.

Reason #3:  My iPad now can run Garage Band too.  I think it is fast enough to run it.

Are you sure?  Ken is not going to get iPad2?

Well, let's wait and see.  The truth is...

I asked Larry to buy for me 2 units last week.  Unfortunately, I was 4 hours late.  (Yes, on the first day it available in US).  The delivery has changed from 3 days to 3 weeks.  And the checking routines starts to reject PO.Box address.  And my order was rejected.  So, Larry got his 2 units and mine was rejected.  So, it is fate that I believe, if I want it and somehow I did not get it, I should not go for it.

Ha Ha Ha... Let's wait and see.

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