Sunday, March 20, 2011

Joanna Dong's Jazz

Date: Mar 18, 2011

The time is 9:30pm, the kids are all in bed, so, me and my wife went to the Musuem, attending a drinking gathering with friends... at the pub inside the museum.


The singer there is Joanna Dong, is Terrence's friend.  She is going to extensive rehearsal sessions for his stage drama - "881", the famous Hokkien show last time in theater. So, this is her last week performance at the Museum.


The settings was nice.  She has a very nice voice, and ways of singing jazz.  I like when she pull her stunt such as making the trumpet sounds with his mouth.  It was cool.  Terry requested her or rather ask her whether she knows the "Cold Storage Song"... within 1 sec, she answered, yes.  So, she will perform us a "Cold Storage Song" - a.k.a Julie Andrew's My Favorite Things.


It was fun hearing her singing "My Favorite Things".  I like the sound of music.  So, when I get home, I did some research on her, and found a video clip where she actually sang this  song on stage.

I also like this song.  So, I downloaded the Ukulele tab/chords... :)

A fun night.  The moon was very big.  And 1 day later, it was on the news paper that the moon is the nearest to the moon that few nights.

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