Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fun with Jay & Kay - March 2011

Date: Between Mar 1 - Mar 15, 2011

Because of the 18 pots of new orchids we acquired during Chinese New Year, the balcony is full of living things...  So, my poor swing has to be relocated into my study room.  When we designed the place, we already thought it will one day come into the study room.  HaHa...


It is Kay Kay's first MRT trip.  So, I parked my car at Vivo city, while Mommy go and do groceries with auntie Lorna, I brought the kids to sit on the MRT.


I think Kay Kay loves it!  He loves to sit at the reserved seat!


We only sit to Central station.  And surprisingly we found a Lightning McQueen there too.  We saw that in Jurong Point, and now there is another one at the Central @ Clarke Quay.


Its Jay Jay favorite!


Yes, Kay Kay, you have grown up, please help us to push your own stroller.


Jay Jay spotted an Angry Bird ...


There is a new Spider Boy in town...


Kay Kay, wait there for a while, while we unload all the groceries...


The Ukulele boy singing "Row Row Row your boat" with the D and A7 chords.  I think...

Screen shot 2011-03-20 at PM 08.56.19.png

Its been a long time Jay Jay & Pa Pa build a Lego City Train Station....


When you sent your kids to school, make sure you always have some colors pencil or magic colors and a drawing pad in car...


Mommy with headset (doing teleconference at home)... hahahaha... that round round solid circle is the belly button... hahaha


Surprisingly his desire of learning music/violin is strong.


We saw this Lightning McQueen at Jurong Point when me and Jay Jay go get breakfast for the family...


Its cool to build train tracks together with your son.

Screen shot 2011-03-20 at PM 09.14.28.png

Why I buy a Ukulele?  Well, its for this purpose.  haHa...


Auntie Lilian came to our house for a week stay, and she gave the boys each a T-Shirts...  Well fit!


That's all... Always think of new things to play with your kids... so that when they grow up  they have a wonderful childhood...





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