Sunday, March 20, 2011

Good Food: 亚明潮式鱼汤

Date:  Mar 14, 2011


For those who loves Teo Chew steam fish... here is a recommendation ...

Location:  Johor Bahru, Is on Jalan Perang, off Jalan Sri Pelangi.  Just opposite the Masjid Jasmed.  It is at that shop houses there.

Who recommends it:  My Mom


When we arrived there, it is around 11:20am in the morning.


Look at the restaurant, it is almost full around 11:20am.  And the opening hours I believe is 10am to 2pm.  They don't even bother to open at night time.  So, must be good then!


OK the menu is all about sea food....


The fried meat roll is very tasty and crispy!


The bittergord with siu bak... very nice.


We ordered a Teo Chew steam fish (red snapper)... very tasty and very nice and lots of soup...


Lastly, the Cai-Po Egg... smell very nice, crispy too...

Overall, I like the restaurant, the price is still cheap compare eating in Singapore... Go for a try if you around JB...


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