Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cameron Highlands (3): Picking Strawberries

Date: Mar 13, 2011

Today we are going to pick strawberries.  Make sure your kid has proper cloth as its going to be a bit cold...


This is where we going to pick strawberries.  Taman Agro Town.  It is at Brinchang.  On top of a hill.  The slope is extremely incline.  It is just above the Cactus Garden.


This is something new, and I had never been to this place before.  First thing you see is the Vegefarm.


So, to go inside, you need to buy or pick at least 1/2 of basket.  And each baskets is 2 adults and 1 kid.  They say kid must be 10 years old and above.  But who cares.  4 years old, 3 years old also go in la.


Each basket comes with 2 pairs of scissors.  For you to cut the strawberries.


Tips for strawberries picking.  Although you see a lot of strawberries hanging outside, do not forget to check the one that is inside or bottom of the pots, all the extra huge one are there...


Wait a minute, could this be the lucky four leafplants?  Wow, most are really 3 leaf.


Ah yes!  Make sure you make your kids do the work!  Going in there ain't cheap at all.  So, make sure they pick the strawberries and even Kay Kay must help out too.


It is in this sort of places where your kid will really grow up with knowledge how butterflies mate the flowers and how flowers becomes real fruits!  Flower become small green strawberry then become bigger and then become red strawberries.  Easy to tell the story while seeing the real thing.


If got the opportunity, bring all the siblings along.  Jay's cousins are all there.  Hi Gabriel and Caleb.  Why Gabriel so grumpy?


The picking garden is really big.  And it is enough to house a lot of people there.  Look at Boon Ching, so happy!


Kay Kay is enjoying himself.  大丰收!


The How's brothers also picked a lot of strawberries!  OK.  3 baskets, weight 2.5KG all together.  And its RM85.  WOW!  (Jaw drops).  But we had a lot of fun, the kids learned a lot of educations.  It is worth it!


Don't forget to take picture with the big strawberries!


That night.  We tabao back and cook some food at the rented apartment.  It is nice cool weather.  And the next morning, 4AM, we are on the way back to Singapore.  This time, we took the Tapah route.  Thinking that there is no traffic.  But we regret it.  As the road condition is so bad, the road is so winding, and all the passenger except the driver throw up!  hahahahaha

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