Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cook with Ken: Bones Marrow Made Easy

Date:  Mar 10, 2012

Few days ago, I found 2 packets of bones marrow, so, decided to "bake" it.  Few friends thought it was a very hard thing to prepare the bone marrows.  So, I decided to show the exact steps of how I prepare the bones marrow.  I think I blogged this before, but, let's do a more detail one just to show how easy you can prepare this dish, and how elegantly you can present it.  :)


I buy my bone marrows from Hubert Butchery @ Dempsy Rd.  They don't have this every day.  Some how, when it is availble, it is soon to be gone.  I am not sure who actually bought it.  So, when they have it, also try to choose those that you can visually see "big marrows" (the hold of the bones).  I seldom see it from Cold Storage.  But sometime, they have it.  After you bought this, you normally keep it in the freezer.  So, when you want to cook it, then, take out from the freezer, and open the packet, and put nicely on the oven plate.

Of course, you need to pre-heat the oven to 220 degrees.  You can do this 10 minutes earlier.  Just turn on the oven.  I put a time stamp there to show you how quick this dish can be prepared.

Time:  00:00:00 - open packet, put bones marrow onto the oven plate.  No need to defrost.


Time:  00:00:30 - Put some Olive Oil on each of the bone marrows.  I used my favorite one that has Ail and Thyme hint.


Time:  00:00:45 - Pinch some sea salt, and put in on every bone marrows.


Time:  00:01:00 - Cut a small piece of French butter and place it on top of the marrows.  Use unsalted butter.


Time:  00:01:15 - Grind osme black pepper on each bones marrow.


Time:  00:01:30 - Done with the seasoning.  A 1-2 minute job.  Then, you placed all these into the pre-heated oven.  Then you go watch TV.  Put in oven for 10-15 minutes.


Time:  00:15:00 - Done!  The golden color is the butter and olive oil which penetrated the marrow and went straight to the bottom.


The pepper and salt and butter and olive oil is stick onto the bone marrows.


How does it taste, Kay?


This is what you eat!  The marrow.


When you finish it, it looks like this.


Jay Jay loves it too.


Wow, this one still can see a bit of the blood at the just cooked level.  Nice and juicy.


Goes well with my left over Hermitage too.  So, this dish only need human attention for 2 minutes or lesser, and then oven time 10-15 minutes.  That's it, and that is how easy it can be made.  Some people will put some herbs leaf, you may do that too.  English parsley will do.



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