Saturday, March 24, 2012

JP-Day2 Onsen Hotel

Date: Mar 23, 2012

We took a taxi from the Kawaguchi station to the Onsen Ryokan. It is just a 2 min drive. And we finally reached the hotel.

Our room comes with a private outdoor Onsen.

From the room you can see the private Onsen. With an umbrella covering the Onsen. It is drizzling now.

There is also a separate indoor Onsen at the bathing room.

The wash up area.

There is a TV here at the dining room.

Another TV at the tea room.

The entrance.

The toilet by the entrance. With advanced TOTO washlet.

Very advanced indeed.

At the tea room, there is the heater warming the whole under table. You can put your leg in there to get warm.


It's tea time!


Green tea.

I know is drizzling, the temperature is less than 7 degrees. Let's do it. Clean up, bath, and soak in the indoor Onsen.

Ok, Jay Jay is brave enough to join Papa.

Open the door, and let's jump into the hot Onsen!

Don't forget to use the white bathing cloth to cover your head. It's still cold out there.

Enjoying nice view.

We stayed in the 2nd room on the left at the bottom of this map.

The Onsen seems to be one of the very first few Onsen in Kawaguchiko.

The name of the Onsen.

And the food are fabulous!

It is encourage to stay at the Onsen ryokan if you are bringing your kids. If the Ryokan has it, try book those with the private Onsen. Then you do not have to go to the public one which is usually separated by male and female.

We enjoy this stay very much.

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