Monday, March 12, 2012

Drive-In Movie

Date: Mar 10, 2012

I had never been to a drive in movie before.  Got to thanks Peugeot for giving me such a good time yesterday!  We drove our white peugeot there.


Apparently, later I found out that it is a 2-days event, organized by Gold FM90.5, and the first day is EXCLUSIVELY for Peugeot cars only.


I love Peugeot.


The venue is an open field near Nicoll Highway.


You must have a sticker/decal indicating the correct date in order to go to this event.


It's raining.  Oh, they are showing THOR, which I have not seen it yet!


Jay Jay loves this event, as he saw a lot a lot of Peugeot cars.


That is the big screen, not too bad, not too small, not too far.  So, later, we just tune into FM100.30 to listen to the audio.


Almost all the models are here.


This is where we park our spot.  A nice gap in between to watch the movie.


Jay Jay starting to get busy to take photo shots on his camera.


Kay Kay, Jay Jay & Mommy.


Lot's of convertables.  Looks very chio, but it is less power than the 508.


The most unique car plate.  My friend, Larry taught me this.  AutoFrance is going to pay $60 plus to get your license plate done.  Why do you want to let AutoFrance to put their "Advertisement" on the car.  So, you have all the rights to ask them to put your name, or anything you want to say on the car plate.  It is the same $60 they going to pay to make the car plate anyway.


So, ever since, I have requested them to print our names on the car plates.  HaHaHaHa... This is our the other car plate.


The sky getting darker.


A drama happened earlier.  This ice truck got stuck in the mud.  So, it needs a toll truck to come and rescue them.


10 minutes later, this tow truck come to the rescue.  But as and when it turn into the rescue position, the tow truck got stuck as well in the mud.



So, a second tow truck came 10 minutes later to come to rescue.  And the people now figure out where is the dry land and rescued both truck that got stucked!


It is so funny, when you sit thru and watch the whole drama.


OK.  Hungry!  Eating time.


Oh ya.  Enjoying your chips ya!


Lucky draw, and I won $100 AutoFrance maintenance servicing vouchers.  All three lucky draws are the same price.  WOW.  How lucky!  But why my number not out in 4D?


Sky getting darker!  The show is on.


OK.  How to turn off the lights completely?  I have to seek help from another Peugeot driver who drives the same car.  Finally, got the Xeon lights and back lights off.


We enjoyed the show.  And the kids have their iPad to play with.  And then by the time the show finished, both kids are asleep in the car.


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