Friday, March 23, 2012

JP-Day1 Disneyland Hotel

Date: Mar 22, Disneyland Hotel

We decided to stay at Disneyland hotel. Since it is a very peak cherry blossom season, the hotel is almost full too. Therefore, our trip to Japan is decided based on when we can book to stay in Disneyland Hotel.

We manage to book the first day, Mar 22, and that is the only day where there are a few rooms left. So we take it.

We arrived at the hotel at 8:15am, too early to check in. So we did the registration in this room.

We even book the Disneyland tickets here. We saw the queue at the ticketing station, it is long. And then, we left our luggages there and off to visit the park.

At 6pm, we came back, and got our room keys.

We stay in this room.

It has a lovely grand park view. Can see both Disneyland castle and the Disneysea Volcano.

The twin bed.

The third bed.

A bit small, but no complaint.

A Mickey and Mini.

The castle...

The Donald.

Lovely toilet.

The shower room that has a rain shower and bath tub.

The advanced toilet system.

The night view of the park...

The fireworks display...


The volcano erupted too.

It was a great experience to stay beside the park. After a very tiring walk in the park, the hotel is always so near. And all of us went to bed early, and had a very nice and long sleep.

Next stop, Kawaguchiko Lake, Mt. Fuji, and Fuji-Q.

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