Friday, March 23, 2012

JP-Day2 It's Bento Time...

Date: Mar 23, 2012

It's always amazing to see these vending machines. It's every where in Japan and selling all kind of things.

We are on our way to Kawaguchiko. It's noon time and we are hungry.

It's time for Bento! Those you can get at the train station.

This is the Unagi Bento.

You can pull this string to heat it. Then you wait for 5-6 min for the heat to heat up your Unagi meal.

A nice cover.


And here is the Unagi set. This is the first time I saw this.


Next is the Tokyo Sky Tree Bento set.

Under the cover is the meal covered by the ping cloth.

I wonder what is in there.

Oh... It's a two layer bento.

Nice! I love it!

Got 30 kinds of food in there.

It's yummy!

This is my beef set.

It is cheap, convenient and nice to eat too.

Even Kay Kay likes to eat!


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