Tuesday, March 27, 2012

JP-Day6 Kinkakuji & Ginkakuji Trmple

Date: Mar 26, 2012

There are two reason why we plan a trip to Kyoto.

First, Jay Jay wants to sit on Shinkansen.

Second, Jay Jay wanted to make a wish at the temple.

So, the first stop is Kinkakuji Trmple.

We been to this temple many times. I can't really remember the ticket looks like this.

Our coins used up pretty quick. As every donation stop, Jay and Kay will donate some coins.

Of course, Jay Jay make a wish there.

Then, we head to Ginkakuji temple and amazing things happened.

Three years ago, during Jay's first trip, we stopped by this cafe and enjoy our drinks.

Today, we revisit this place, at the entrance of the street to Ginkakuji.

While we were enjoying our lunch, it snowed.

Although it is a brief one, it is the first time Jay Jay and Kay Kay enjoying snow falls.

After lunch we head up to the temple. Kay said "Hello Kitty!"

I think Ginkakuji Temple always give you A very zen and peaceful feeling.

Ok. Let's check out what did Jay Jay wish for.

Don't forget to pay money.

Oh I see "入南华小学成功"signed by Jay...

Third from the right...

They will burn the sticks later... And Jay Jay really wanted to go Nan Hua Primary as a lot of his friends wanted to go in.

Let wish that his wish come thru...

I think Jay Jay likes this temple.

Finally, after 1 hour walk.. Ginkakuji Trmple.

30 Minutes after we left Gunkakuji....

This SMS came in...

I guess we can consider that Jay wishes came thru? He lives within 500 meter, he is a Singaporean, etc.

Hahahahahaha well done Ginkakuji!

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