Sunday, March 25, 2012

JP-Day3 Playing With Snow At Fuji-Q

Date: Mar 24, 2012

Jay Jay had never seen snow before until today.

At first, we spotted some unmelted ice... So we make him go and touch the ice.

Then we pass by this theme, a snow park. Where you can do Tobagon and playing with snow.

And it's 300 yen for as long as you want. We spent 2 hours here.

So, it's my job to teach him how to ride a Tobagon.

Also, there is an igloo you can play with. It is the first time he saw an igloo. He likes it!

He loves to play with the snow.

He loves to use the shovel to build a snow castle.

What he loves the most is this! Weeeeee

He rides the Tobagon for so many times.

And I keep taking the photos and video.

Then he played with the snow again while resting.

And then when he is ready, he walk back up the hill again.

And yeeee haaaaaa.

This is the best valued 300 yen spent of the day!

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