Thursday, March 22, 2012

JP-Day1 Kids Has Grown Up 他们长大了!

Date: Mar 22, 2012

Comparing to the last few trips to Japan, I must say that this is the most relaxing flight.

The kids are having fun at the air port pushing our luggages here and there.

However, this is the first time we packed our winter gears and clothing. Also the first time we brought a much heavier bags. (So that we can buy lots of things back later)... Haha

As you can see, no stroller too! We are taking a gamble here, as Kay Kay is the one that may easily go tired. But I am sure Disneyland, Fuji-Q and USJ Osaka should have rental stroller services. So hopefully we are right!

Also, no CROCS for this trip as the temperature is still considered low. All Timberlands. And guess what? The kids chosen their own shoes.

Most priority task is to keep the feet warm.

Also we gotten each kids a seat. And they really sleep in their seat.

No more crying too, and no more asking to carry 抱抱.

And of course, first time ever both me and my wife finally got time to catch some sleep too.

Of course have to thank Singapore Airlines for the comfortable 2x2 seats, spacious and nice.

Another 40 minutes, we will be landing at Haneda Airport. And our journey shall begin here...

Also, all iPhone, iPads, external battery sets all are full charged!

My kids has really grown up! Finally. 他们终于长大了!

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