Sunday, March 25, 2012

JP-Day3 Breakfast at Fuji Osenji Yumedono Hotel

Date: Mar 24, 2012

One thing about staying in a Ryokan is it provides free breakfast and dinner. If you bring along two toddlers, it is best to stay in a Ryokan as every one will stay on the floor.

Ohayo! This is our first breakfast. Just in case you wonder, yes, 7am I just finish my outdoor onsen bath and soaking. Very nice and full body is filled with energy.

We had our breakfast at the tea table at the side room there. The whole table is full of food.

Let's see what we are having.

Some marinated stuff...

The seaweed is nice.

Some sort of fish or octopus.

Steam fish cake.

Some famous fish from Osaka.

Oh, this is nice. The braised beef.

My wife and Kay Kay is enjoying the food.

Lastly we had the dessert... A very juicy melon...

Jay Jay is now full of energy to go Fuji-Q.


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