Monday, December 9, 2013

Taiwan 民宿 - North Zart 北方扎特 (Day 1)

Date: Dec 5, 2013

It is our second vacation trip to Taiwan. This time, Jay & Kay came along with 10 of friends from Lorna Whiston pre-school, together with 20 adults (moms, dads, grandmoms and granddads). So far the kids enjoys the trip so much!

I have selected this to be the first hotel we stayed. It is rather new bed & breakfast hotel, only one year & 3 years old.

Of course you have to option to book this yourself, but I leave this headache to my 私人导游包车司机 private tour guide to help me to booked. Because we need to book the whole block of the hotel plus a few more rooms.

The booking only starts 60 days before the stay. So, my tour guide Danny has book, prepaid the hotel for me. I don't have to worry about how to get there and how is it. If he got time he even will make a trip to the place and help me see see look look.

Here are the two blocks of hotel.

Wow! This is unreal! This is the block me and my family will stay in. We booked 6 rooms here.

It does not looks like we arrived at Taiwan.

It feels like Canada. This is another block. The other family stay in this block just beside.

Our room, 302, at the top floor.

It is a very comfy 4 pax bed room.

The bed is very comfortable.

Got TV.

He is the owner who spent NTW$80,000,000 in building the two houses.

The decorations in the house is very nice!

There ground floor is a comfy living room where kids can play here.

A lot of wood. Look at the wooden bicycle. Cool!

The living room.

Lots of wood and photos hanging on wall.

Stairs lead to 2nd and 2rd floor.

This is a feng shui thing made of 桧木. Inside are a lot of 桧木削.

The tea and coffee packs in the room.

High class body shampoo.

High class hair shampoo.

Nice razor package.

Soft toothbrush.

Some girly thing.

The kids are enjoying playing together. It's just feel like our home!

See my wife tries to open and see what's inside.


Every families enjoyed the stay.

It's breakfast time!

Sitting area by the house. Yesterday got performance too!

Book shelves in the living room.

The reception area.

Nice decor.

Also have nice paintings.

Let's see what kind of breakfast we are eating.

Bamboo smoke duck. This is real good!

Fresh veggies.

Sunshine sunny ups.

For the porridge.

Ikan bilis.

More veggies. I like.

There is pond with fish. Now you know why I choose this place.

It's lovely! And this consider A++ bed & breakfast hotel. Must stay!

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