Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Taiwan Vacation 吃 - 炒天下南北热抄啤酒餐厅 (Day 2)

Date:  Dec 8, 2013

After a eventful day #2 of our Taiwan Trip.  The private tour guides wanted us to try this Taiwan beer restaurant.


IMG 4074


IMG 4075

Yeah… Taiwan Beer.

IMG 4076

Let’s check out the dishes.. 


IMG 4077


IMG 4078

I think this is deer meet.

IMG 4079

It is another 10 course meal.

IMG 4080

Hold on now… cake sprinkles on the mayo of the Abalone dish… Wow… Cute.

IMG 4081

The main highlight is not the food.  

I ate 4 炸蛋葱油饼 just now and my stomach is quite full.

But beer OK.

Especially these fruits flavour beer.  

It tasted just like Shandy.

IMG 4083

Isabelle wanted to try some.

IMG 4087

Like father like son.

IMG 4091

Not far away from this table, Justin’s father is drinking.

See… Like father like son.

IMG 4082

More beer please...

IMG 4092

More food coming...





and the soup is very nice.. 

IMG 4094

Hey, what are the kids doing?  or drawing?

IMG 4098

Wow… They designing their signature… wahahaha

IMG 4099

We have a very tired day… a lot of walking, a lot of sight seeing, etc.

Soon, when all reach the hotel, all of them will fell in love with the next hotel we are staying...

Are we in Taiwan or in Japan… stay tune...

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