Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Taiwan Vacation 吃 - 阿嬷厨房 @ 台糖 (Day 3 & 4)

Date: Dec 9, 2013

I am not sure what so fun about playing with Flag Erasers.  But these kids are creating fun out of it.  So, at the Taiwan Sugar Factory Japanese Style Bed & Breakfast, these kids stayed up late night, visiting from house to house, and play whatever available game at each house.

IMG 4122

After the kids soak in the bath tub for 30 minutes, I did soak my tired body there too for 30 minutes.

The only words I can say is 爽!

IMG 4134

We stayed two nights here at the Sugar Factory.  The environment is great!  The housing is great!  The bath tub is great!


And it is not expensive at all.  This is slightly more than S$200 per night.

IMG 4117

The air is fresh in the morning.  The sky are blue.  The sun is bright.  It is indeed a cool place to stay.

IMG 4146

So, how about their breakfast?  

For two days, we simply have to walk across the street to this 阿嬷厨房 Ah Ma Kitchen.


The carrot cake is very well done and nice.  Tasty.  I like!  My Jay Jay loves it too.

IMG 4170

Usually it has simple porridge and these are the vegetarian dishes that goes along well with the porridge.

IMG 4171

Very standard sausages, ham and 葱油饼 for the kids.

IMG 4172

Tofu & Sour Veggies for the porridge too.

IMG 4173

Kids love the fried noodles.

IMG 4174

They also provide rice, bak-hi, chinese sausages and most importantly 肉燥卤汁.  

IMG 4176

Scrambled eggs.

IMG 4175

Basically on the second day, we have own made noodles with the 卤肉.  Some different dishes too.  All very healthy, and simple and taste nice.  My Kay Kay ate a lot of the 卤肉饭too.

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