Saturday, December 14, 2013

Taiwan Vacation - Leaving A Note Behind (Day 6)

One of the fun thing to do is to leave a message behind in the hotel you stayed during your vacation.

We brought a long these paper origami of Angry Bird.  And we made one for this cozy bed & breakfast hotel.

See... We wrote our names, and the dates we stayed here.
Of course we also write 来自新加坡.
On the other side, we wrote down the Guan's family name.  (Aiya, forgot about their 外婆)...
(Stay two nights at Mykonos)
So, this is where we place our Angry Bird.  We love the hotel.  
I think our 留言 is the most unique.
So, may be few years later when we revisit this place, we can still find this Angry Bird sitting there.
A memory of a Taiwan tour consists of 6 vans, 6 tour guides, 32 people. 
So long Taiwan.  See you again.
So long Angry Bird.  See you again.

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