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Taiwan Vacation - On The Way to 垦丁 Kenting (Day 5)

Date:  Dec 11, 2013

We are ready to move out from 东游季.

IMG 4654

We specially asked Danny and team for staying in 东游季 until 12, instead of the original planning of 10.

So, we changed our itinerary not he spot again.  

The journey from 台东 to 垦丁 is about  2 1/2 hours to 3 hours.

IMG 5090

We stopped by here.  An abandon train station.

IMG 5097

View is nice.


Shawn taking selfie again.

IMG 4670

Showing off to Shawn my Selfie gadget - Muku Shuttr.  Because I do not have to push any button on my camera/iPhone hand, so, the selfie shooting is done by this small remote connecting bluetooth to the camera.  For more information about Muku Shuttr, click below.

More natural selfie photo.

IMG 5094

Family shot.


There are some sourvernir shop so we bought something.

IMG 4677

The shop.

IMG 4678

So nice to snap a train photo.

IMG 5104

OK.  It is time to take the hilly road.  Road 199.  

And I just check my google, it is in the middle of no where.  Because the trees are too tall and they cover the road.

IMG 5112

When you turn off the satellite, the Road 199 shows there.  Hmmm… interesting..

IMG 5111

Along the road, we saw these fantastic native drawings...

IMG 5113

Wall painting. Farming.

IMG 5117

Wall painting.  Trading.

IMG 5118


IMG 5119

Every village we enter or exit, there will be warrior statue greetings us.

IMG 5121

Finally we arrived at 私人景点 - 牡丹水库.


Quite a big water dam.  We are just at the blue dot there.

IMG 5130

All the natives crafting...


Wah… smile until like that.. wahahaha.


The dam.


The dam.


The dam.


Guang Gong Temple.


We finally arrived at 垦丁.


We will be having lunch here.

IMG 5135

Raw Pig Throttle.


Seems very famous because of the TV show.

IMG 5137

Pigs tail.

IMG 5139



This is the menu.

IMG 5140

They started to serve the food.  The food is so so only I think.  Because I do not have lots of memories about this meal,  Wahahahaha.

IMG 5141

I think we came to a 土地公 temple.  And very interesting.. we have to 拜拜 from ground floor to 5-6 floor up until you see the 玉皇大帝.  Cool.

IMG 5144

This machine does not necessary to give you golden eggs.

IMG 5149

But both my kids got it.  Yeah.  

IMG 5151

So that I can do this later.

IMG 5406

Yeah.. don’t forget to buy the salty duck egg from near the temple too… 

How many zeros in 10Million?

IMG 5407

At last we finally arrived at the hotel.  We going to split into two hotels for the next two days.  Our group is really too big.  Not easy to find hotel so near by and can fit 32 people.

IMG 5153

At first, the gave us the newly build hotel.

IMG 5156

Very cozy sitting outside.  cold too.

IMG 5157

Wow… shower room no door.  only curtains… take hot shower will steam your bed room ya.

IMG 5160

Small TV small fridge.

IMG 5161

two simple bed.

IMG 5163

Nope.  Don’t like it.  D-A-N-N-Y!!!!!!!!!

IMG 5167

After 30 minutes, we changed to the the hotel by the main road.  Mykonos.

IMG 5200

Much nicer.

IMG 5197

Much warmer.

IMG 5208

Small but nice.

IMG 4712

Back to the story...

We celebrate Justin So’s father and Justin Yoon’s Grandma birthday.  The tour guides came to me and said there are two people birthday, so they bought two cakes for them. very thoughtful.  I did not even thought about that.  Thanks Danny and team for the arrangement.  

IMG 5172

Next, we spend 2-3 hours at 垦丁大街.

IMG 5178

Eating junk food.

IMG 5179

I don’t think it is a children friendly place at all.  The cars, van and buses is still driving on the road.  And there is so little space for pedestrian to walk.  

IMG 5192

Really junk food.

IMG 5183

Eating ice cream.

IMG 5187

I found myself a Ramen stall, and sit down and enjoy my Ramen.

IMG 5195

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