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Taiwan Vacation 吃吃吃 -Ali Seafood & 南北潜水美食餐厅 (Day 6)

Date:  Dec 12, 2013

Let’s have lunch!

Along this road, you can see the wind power generators.


These power generator is beside a Nuclear Power Plant.  Yeap!  Nuclear Power Plant!

I don’t understand why the Taiwan government made Kenting a National park and a nice place for people to visit to enjoy the sun and beaches, and yet, they build a Nuclear Power plant here.  


So, there is this Ali Seafood restaurant here.  I am not so keen on the seafood because you don’t know where they catch the fish.  Is it near the nuclear power plant?

We don’t know.  But since it is a vacation, let’s eat lah.  Don’t care lah.

IMG 5280

Kay Kay trying to hold the wind generator fan.

IMG 5281

Seems like a popular place for seafood.

IMG 5283

The fishes seems to come from deep sea.  Very colourful.  No mutated fish spotted too.  Wahahahaha

IMG 5284

A lot of seafood to choose.

IMG 5285

Fresh Sashimi.  The color does not looks like salmon.  But it taste fresh and good.

IMG 5286

Kenting is famous of producing Onions.  Very nice Onions.  So, you can see they uses a lot of Onion dishes.

IMG 5288

Prawns is quite nice.

IMG 5289

See… I can do a love shape.

IMG 5290

Shark meat.

IMG 5291

梅菜猪肉.  Nice.

IMG 5292

Fresh veggies.

IMG 5293

Table full of food.

IMG 5294

The dish at the centre is some kind of sea snails...

IMG 5295

Fried Yam.

IMG 5296

Fried Yam.

IMG 5297

Fish.  Tomato fish.  

IMG 5298

I love the soup.  Seafood soup.

IMG 5299

The sea food restaurant is just OK.  Nothing fancy … just seafood.  

IMG 5400

IMG 5401

Later that afternoon, we went to two amazing places, where the kids and adults have super fun!!!!

IMG 4798

Really fun!


And we become super hungry at 6pm.

Danny the tour guides leader says, “Aiya, we are going to put you in 垦丁大街 again."  I say “No”.  Kenting street is really not for children.  And I really doubt that our team really wanted to try Kenting street again.  He said some of the people request for it, I guess he must have heard wrongly.

So, quickly, I asked him to find solution.

So, by 6pm, he came up with a restaurant.  He said “It is a very simple Taiwanese restaurant”.  

Danny: “Few years ago, the CEO of Singapore Technology (新科)came to this restaurant, he gave a two thumbs up.  So, I guess this restaurant is good for Singaporean."

So, after every one take a look at the 初火.  A place where the fire continuos burning for many years… because of the natural gas...

IMG 5377

Danny broad us to this restaurant.

It is a Bed & Breakfast place too.

The owner likes to dive and he took a lot of diving photographs.

IMG 5387

His diving photos all got prizes..

Hmm…. normally if you open a restaurant you will put there those good comments for the restaurant.  But this one all of them are diving photo competitions winning certificates.  Wahahahahaha

Danny!  Are you sure this place is good!!!!!???

IMG 5392

We are hungry… Let’s eat!

IMG 5389

That night… at least at my table, we FINISH every thing on our table.  Means, every plate came, every plate empty.

Very nice.  very tasty.  Yup, we left nothing on this plate.

IMG 5378

Very nice.  We finished every single prawns.

IMG 5379

This is just a simple tomato eggs.  Very Very nice.  I am going to learn how to cook this dish this weekend.

IMG 5382

The kids sapu all these lemon chicken.  Taiwanese Friend Chicken is already very good.  So, add in the lemon, it become best.  We empty this plate too.

IMG 5383

Very fresh and simple veggie.  Somehow we clear this plate too.

IMG 5384

三杯鸡.  Yup… we finished that too.

IMG 5385

Chicken mushroom soup.  Simply nice.

IMG 5386

For the first time, we cleared every single plate.  And indeed it is nice.

IMG 5405

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