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Taiwan Vacation - On The Way to 知本 (Day 4)

Date:  Dec 10, 2013

Today, we say good bye to the Sugar Factory.  Our next destinations is 台东知本 (Eastern Taiwan).

First stop, is the Rareseed Farm (瑞穗牧场).

IMG 4739

In Taiwan, you can find Rareseed Milk every where.  In the supermarket, in the 7-Eleven, etc.

IMG 4740

Instead of Cow, the first animal we saw is...


She is huge.  

IMG 4744

Ya.. there is an ostrich behind me. 

IMG 4748

Let’s talk to her or try to communicate with her to see what is she up to.

Taiwan Ostricts

Smilie until like that… Kay Kay, you first time see an ostrich?

IMG 4461

What did aunty Esther found?  Grass...


We got the grass, but no cow near by.  Let me figure out how to get him here.

IMG 4463

MOOOO MOOOOOOO MOOO… (wave the grass) and it actually works.  1 minute later, the cow came.  Wahahaha

IMG 4466

Let’s feed the cow.


Some kids think feeding cow no fun, so, they start to feed the ostrich.


May be it seems less dangerous?  Feeding the bird?


I need more grass.


More cows came.

IMG 4768

Oh… this is how the cow eat the grass.  Using their tongue.

IMG 4488

Sitting on the bench and take photo is quite good.

IMG 4502

OK.  Time to jump down.

IMG 4506

Scenery is quite good.


Its coffee time.

IMG 4771

OK.  Time to go.  Let’s continue our journey.

IMG 4773

OK.  On the way, we saw this Flower Sea (花海).


Quite a nice place.


I like this tree.


Next Destination, we reach the Tropic of Cancer Marker Park (北回归线标志公园).

IMG 4775

It’s just a monument.


The map.

IMG 4774

What can we do here?  Let’s take a group photo here.


Take nice photo too.


Of course do some star jump.

IMG 4566

Let’s bring in more children to do star jump.

IMG 4571

Aiyo… let all the daddies show the children how to do it.

IMG 4575

Take 2.

IMG 4576

Take 3.  Not bad huh?  Look closer.. all of us are very happy.  Very very happy.

IMG 4581

OK.  Next destination.  It’s LUNCH TIME.  This is where we are going to eat.  Chi-Shang Bento.  池上米 is Taiwan best rice. 

IMG 4785

You can sit outside, or you can sit inside the train.

IMG 4787

The second floor is a museum.


This is Danny.  Our tour guides leader.  (we have 6 tour guides).  He has prepared all the bento set for us.


Just in case you need his contact.  Here it is.  Danny has helped me to make this Taiwan tour so successful.  And we are very happy for him to do this tour together with 5 others tour guides and drivers.  He was a colonel in charge of army supplies in Hualian & TaiDong, and after he left the army, he has picked to become a private tour guide.  No wonder he got a leadership who can lead and make sure everything is in order.    


IMG 4788

Before eating, let the kid stamp their wishes.

IMG 4789

And we hang their wishes on top of the lamp there.

IMG 4793

This is where Danny bought the bento set.

IMG 4797

Bento is quite cheap.

IMG 4798

Let’s eat!

IMG 4802

The cover is quite nice.

IMG 4808

The bento is just like the Japanese bento like that.  Quite tasty.

IMG 4810

OK.  Let’s learn the history.

IMG 4811

Of course, we take a quick tour too at the museum.

IMG 4812


IMG 4823

Let’s move out.  These are the name of the 12 children who were there.  

IMG 4830

Next destination.

We arrived at 伯朗大道.


This is where 金城武 had one of the advertisement shot here.

And the kids love the photo frame.


Kids … you did wrongly again.  It should be like this.  Take the photo by standing this way.  Use one hand to hold your entire body weight.


That’s right Jay Jay.  Stand this way.


See how straight the road is?


Let’s take a group shot again.  chop chop!

IMG 4631

Car coming car coming, run!

IMG 4633

Quite difficult to take photos here.  Another car coming...

IMG 4634

Eh.. how come, my hand is in there… the wind blow the hair.. wahahaha...

IMG 4639

Another nice family shot.

IMG 4645

OK.  Let’s move on.

This is where the gliders, the hot air balloon launching into the sky point.


They run run run and fly into the sky.


Danny advise is don’t buy from the shop here.  Because the price is China-Friendly.  But not Taiwan-Friendly.  Wahahaha


Soon, we reached Zhiben.  

We start to see these 释迦果.  I thought is what special fruits…  Is Ang Mo Liu Lian la.

IMG 4836

It is really nice.

IMG 4837

This is the GMO… Pine Apple Ang Mo Liu Lian.  And really very tasty an got pineapple taste.

IMG 4840

We bought 10 back to the next hotel.

IMG 4847

Finally we arrived at the onsen hotel.

IMG 4854

And the kids could not wait and jump into the hot spring pool.

IMG 4887

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